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We Respect Your Privacy. Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your Personally Identifying Information has always been fundamental to the way we do business with you, whether over the Internet, on the telephone or in person. What is Personally Identifying Information?

"Personally identifying information" ("PII") is information that can be explicitly used to identify and/or contact you as an individual. This includes information like your real name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, credit card number, etc. Information that, by itself, cannot be explicitly linked with your "real" identity is not considered personally identifying. Examples of this are favourite or bookmarked Web sites, or your preferences with respect to how you wish to see a given page or site set up according to the selections you choose. Use of Personally Identifying Information.

We takes your privacy seriously and will not share your Personally identifying information without your consent. Opting-in to Receive Our Newsletter. By opting in to receive our newsletter, you are eligible for exclusive loyalty promotions and any contests and giveaways. You may opt out of the newsletter by using the unsubscribe link on the newsletter when you receive it or by clicking here unsubscribe. If you choose to opt out of receiving the newsletter your email address will be deleted from our database and you will no longer receive it. This also means that you will no longer be eligible to receive exclusive loyalty promotions and any contests and giveaways.

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If you have additional questions or concerns, please e-mail us at We read every e-mail and will respond in a timely manner.

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